I need to move a heavy object. Which rental equipment should I use?
If you’re transporting over a distance of more than ten feet, we recommend using a CTL (compact track loader) such as the Kubota SVL 95 with forks or a bucket. A wheeled skid steer such as the Kubota SSV 75 will bounce and rock because contact with the ground is much smaller. A CTL will give you greater weight displacement and better traction.
I'm building a rock wall. Which size mini excavator should I use?
It will depend based on the size of the boulders you need to move and which direction your equipment will reach. If you are stacking a wall using 24-inch boulders, you will need at least a 7000-lb. mini-excavator. Consider whether boulder stacking will take place over the blade, over the rear, or over the side of the track, and then ask us! Our experienced sales team is happy to provide specifications and advice about the reach and lift capabilities of all our rental equipment.
I need to dig a large hole. Which rental equipment should I use?
Any mini-excavator will work in this situation. A smaller machine such as the Bobcat E-20 will cost less than a larger machine, but it will take longer to do the work. You’ll need to balance your time and budget requirements.
I need to move a pile of dirt more than 200 feet. Which rental equipment should I use?
A Kubota SSV 75 wheeled skid steer is the best deal for this job. However, if you need to climb any type of grade or hills, a CTL such as the Bobcat T-650 is a better choice. It has the traction and power to easily climb hills without rocking or spilling.
I need to move a dirt to or from my property. Which rental equipment should I use?
We offer dump trailer rentals that work great for this task. Our trailers can be towed by a large or mid-size truck. The smaller PJ 5×10 trailer can haul up to 3.5 yards, while our larger PJ 14×7 trailer can haul up to 6 yards or 10,000 pounds. In most cases, a skid steer or CTL will be the best choice for loading the dump trailer.
I need to tear out a parking strip. Which rental equipment should I use?
We offer a range of mini-excavators that would work for this job. Because park strips are typically narrow, a mid-size mini-excavator like the Bobcat E-26 or E-32 is the perfect size. Add a dump trailer to load the dirt and keep the digging fast and clean.
I need to cut down trees and remove the stumps. Which rental equipment should I use?
Mini-excavators work well for tree removal, as long as you have enough space. The Kubota KX 57 will take down a tree with a maximum trunk size of 6-8 inches. Digging up roots is easy with the right sized bucket. A smaller 12-18 inch bucket will typically cut through tree roots without much trouble.
I need to tear out a driveway. Which rental equipment should I use?
Skid steer loaders work well for breaking up concrete. Use a hammer attachment to do the breaking, and switch to a smooth bucket for loading. Many professionals opt to use a mini-excavator, especially if the concrete is already cracked or broken. Load the pieces right into a truck bed or dump trailer to make the job more efficient.